A Little About Me

I was born and bred in Co Mayo, Ireland. So I'm genuine 100% guaranteed Irish. I entered the world on August 22nd 1972. I'm not stereotypically Irish in that I don't have red hair or that many freckles, but I do have the fair skin. I'm tall, not so dark and handsome, even if I do say so myself (And seen as this is my site I can say what I want really). I got the Irish wit an banter down to a tee.

I  spent the first 17 years off my life growing up on a farm, which I totally enjoyed. Being out in the fields and the fresh air, with all the space around gave one a great sense of freedom. I helped out where I could, be it milking cows, saving hay, turning turf (peat) or picking spuds.

But life wasn't all fun and games I had to get an education so school played a big part in my childhood and after that I left the nest to study Electronic Engineering. I always had a keen interest in pulling electrical goods apart. After a few years of doing that I it was time to enter the working world and I found myself getting on the IT band wagon to take me to where I am today. I've meet some interesting people and have made some great friends throughout my journey.

But life isn't all about books, study, or work. Or at least its shouldn't be, and being Irish it's definitely not. Work to live people. So outside of work I've got a major passion for sport. I play Gaelic football and soccer. I also ten pin bowl on a regular basis and I try my hand at golf whenever possible. When not playing I can be found watching, either live in person or on TV. I love watching Gaelic and Hurling (GAA games) and Soccer. I'm a big Arsenal fan. But as things go I'll watch any sport. My other interest is movies. I like relaxing watching a good movie, be it the latest blockbuster or an oldie on TV. And of course being Irish, it's good to be socialise so going out and meeting up with friends and new people  is always an option


Growing up on the farm gave me a great appreciation of life and it's mysteries. It also gave me a fondness for the outdoors and a sense of adventure, so I like to travel and see places and experience different cultures. My travels have taken me to numerous places and I still have plenty more of the world to see.

That pretty much sums me up. Feel free to drop me a line.


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